These are various projects I have had the opportunity to either write music, create sound designs, or have done on-set or post production audio work.


CLIENT: No Flipping Excuses     ROLE: Music, Sound design

CLIENT: Harmon Brothers     ROLE: Sound design, Mix

CLIENT: Johnny Action      ROLE: Music

CLIENT: Rentler      ROLE: Music, Production Audio

CLIENT: Nu Skin      ROLE: Production Audio

CLIENT: Eric Thayne      ROLE: Music Licensing

CLIENT: GE Additives      ROLE: Music Licensing

CLIENT: BYU      ROLE: Sound design, Foley, Mix

CLIENT: SOUL App     ROLE: Music, Sound Design, Foley

CLIENT: BambooHR     ROLE: Sound design, Mix

CLIENT: BambooHR      ROLE: Music, Sound design, Mix

CLIENT:      ROLE: Music, Production Audio

CLIENT: Devin Graham     ROLE: Music Licensing

CLIENT: Arvo Watches      ROLE: Music, Sound design, Foley

CLIENT: Suncrest      ROLE: Music

CLIENT: Filmpac     ROLE: Music

CLIENT: Billy      ROLE: Music, Production Audio

CLEINT: Cameron Gade      ROLE: Music, Sound design, Foley

CLIENT: Jack Klink      ROLE: Music

CLIENT: Mormon Hub      ROLE: Music

CLIENT: InfoTrax      ROLE: Music

CLIENT: Still Water Lake Estates      ROLE: Music Licensing