J Scott Rakozy is an up and coming aspiring composer, sound designer, foley artist, dialogue editor, audio engineer and producer.  He primariliy composes for films, video games, and advertisements, but he has also developed sound design and foley work for numerous projects.. 

Raised on a farm in Wisconsin, Scott took to the piano at the young age of 3. By age 5, he was enrolled in Suzuki lessons at the Viterbo College in LaCrosse, WI where he was classically and jazz trained. By age 12 he quite lessons altogether and explored artists like Vince Guaraldi Trio and Billy Joel. At that same time he was introduced to the N64 which forever changed his idea of what his musical career could be. 

High school ushered in the piano era of Ben Folds Five, Queen, Elton John, and original compositions for J Scott. Darcy Reese pushed him into researching more into a career as a composer where he bought his first iMac G5 and started tinkering around in Garageband.

1 year at BYU-Idaho studying Jazz performance led him to doing 2 years of voluntary missionary work for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints  in Romania. Another 4 years at BYU-Provo led him to meet and learn from some of the greatest influences in the music industry - Sam Cardon (Overwatch, World of Warcraft), Aaron Merrill (ABC, Fox Sports), Chance Thomas (Lord of the Rings Online, DOTA 2), Ron Saltmarsh (A&E, SEGA), and Michael McDonough (Star Trek, Wildstars)



During his time at BYU he established himself as a composer, sound designer, foley artist, dialogue editor, and audio engineer working for clients such as Green Media Works, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter=Day Saints, Cotopaxi, Rumpl, Fidelity Investment, Utah 4-H, Notion Threads, Power Practical, Tessel, Ballyhoo Games, Devin Supertramp, Warner/Chappell, Coca-Cola, BYU and many others to name a few.