j Scott Rakozy

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Detail oriented, efficiently quick, and capable of tackling any diverse project or genre, I will deliver sonic quality assets to any project. With my classical and jazz training background,   a passion for sound design and post production audio, and a keen sense of attention to sonic clarity, I follow the foundations of what it takes to create vibrant, captivating scores and stellar audio productions to enrich your needs and wants. If you wish for your project to reach the same audio quality as your competition, reach out to me. If you want to see examples of client projects I have worked on or listen to the latest scores I've written, please scroll below.

Let's collaborate and make something awesome.


Client Work


CLIENT: Johnson & Johnson      ROLE: Music Licensing

CLIENT: Rentler      ROLE: Music, Production Audio


CLIENT: Saint Emilion      ROLE: Music

CLIENT: Devin Super Tramp     ROLE: Music


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